Power splitter tested

A while ago I designed a power split which has got 7/16″ connectors and A/B radio output which have high isolation just like the 6×2 switches. This way it makes it easy to interface my station so I can access all antennas with up to four radios. I did some measurements and without doing any capacitance/inductance adjustments I got insertion loss better than 0.1dB on 1-30 MHz and the attenuation between the A/B radio ports was better than -80dB on 30 MHz. This will give me a HUGE attenuation between radio 1 and 3, radio 2 and 4 in my antenna switch system. When splitting power between two antennas the VSWR was around 1.2:1 as worst, while when power splitting between three antennas the VSWR was around 1.3:1 as worst.

I will do some real measurements when I have the real UN-UN transformer there to be used at my station, since I only had one ferrite (FT240-61) lying around now I just made a fast prototype while my boxes will be having two ferrite’s per box. However the measurements should not change much but I will post some graphs on here anyway.

Here are some pictures of the power split and the 6×2 while being tested. Here you can also see the coil modification done on the 6×2 cards. It is not mandatory but it does decrease the insertion loss a little bit.

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