6×2 measurements

I did some measurements today on the new 6×2 design with 7/16″ connectors and it was well over my expectations. I had to compensate a bit with an inductance in series with the input on both radios to get the insertion loss down but when that was done it looked really great. Even without those modifications the result is pretty good.

Never did the attenuation between radio 1 and radio 2 go over -70dB up to 50 MHz (!) which is just UFB. Also the insertion loss up to 30 MHz never goes over 0.1dB which is acceptable and at 50 MHz around 0.2dB so the device is usable also on 6m. The best case scenario is when using one radio on antenna 1 and the other on antenna 6. Then the attenuation between the ports on 50 MHz was -80dB and on 30 MHz about -90dB which is according to me spectacular. The insertion loss is typically 0.08dB on 30 MHz and 0.05dB on 14 MHz.

The measurements were done with a ROHDE & SCHWARZ vector network analyzer with an IF bandwitdh of 1kHz, 1-50MHz range and 5 average samples.

Below you can see the plots

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