Some antenna parts finished

Today I finished up the antenna parts for the 40m element plates. So left to do before we can send them away to get galvanized is making the attachment plates for the two 40m yagis, two 20m yagis and the 30m yagi as well. I need to measure a bit on the tower where I will position them, since the top 10m tapers in a bit I need to get the bolt pattern correct for the height they should be placed at. Also some details are left to be done on the 40m tower base, such as attaching the rotor after I’ve gotten the plate from SM2UVU.

I wish I did get hold of cheap stainless steel clamps for all the antennas but unfortunately they are just too expensive so I will go with the galvanized ones. It would be OK if it was just one antenna, but now with 5 of them the cost gets too high. Those clamps hold anyway but it’s a bit boring when things rust. I might put some coating on them.

Anybody have a MIG welder lying around that they don’t use? I really need one…

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