Filter switch connected

Today we spent some time to get the rotator up in the WARC tower working. So now it turns the 5el 20m beam but it does it very slowly, it takes three minutes for a whole lap so I will need to run it on 24v. However for the contest I will run it as it is since I don’t have a 24v supply which can supply enough current to rotate it. Anybody have one that they dont need? I also need a new 13.8V supply which can supply 10A or more.

In the evening I hooked up the filter switch i recently built. Its connected after the amplifier and puts in notch filters depending on which band we are on. Currently I have filters for 80,40 and 20m. However the 40m filter need to get some notches added to it to notch away 15 and 10m as well and not just 20m as it does now. I will also need to build a 160m filter that notches away all bands except 160m.


  1. To bad I did not see this earlier. I have a high current 24V supply that you could have borrowd for the contest if you wanted.

    If you could find someone to transport it from Umeå send me an email or give me a call.

    73 and good luck this weekend, Magnus SA2BRJ

  2. It was not really a problem for the contest. But SM2SYV has donated a unit to us so hopefully next time I visit the station I will have it rotating a little faster 🙂

    Thank you anyway Magnus 🙂