5el for 20m up

Today and yesterday I got some help from SM2XJP and SM2LIY to get the 20m 5el CUE DEE monobander up in the air. The weather was very nice, a bit windy yesterday but otherwise it was very nice with just a few minus degrees. This tower is the WARC tower, which is supposed to hold the 12/17 duobander and also the 6m yagi. But since we did not get the 40m military tower up this year we decided to put the 5el mono in this one, making us a lot more flexible on 20m.

It has got an alfa spid rotor. These kind of towers are horrible to climb when you have a rotor in them, because you can barely get your feet in to stand properly. So its not a fun experience working in them. When me and SM2XJP were putting a connector on the RG-17 inside the house he said to me “Mike, did you remember to put the center connector in the 7/16 connector” and my response was something like “f**king s**t”. Eager to try the antenna that its working as it should I did a climb in total darkness with a headmounted flashlight which was actually quite nice. The SWR looks good over the whole band and tomorrow I will connect the cables for the rotor so I can get it rotating as well.

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