Filtering of the station finally decided

I have finally decided how to do all filtering at the station. Right now it works quite OK, we don’t suffer from too much problems but I believe it should be possible to totally get rid of all harmonic problems etc. When I connected the 80m notch filter I built I noticed no change, which made me convinced that the current problems are in the switching system. So I decided that the filters used to suppress harmonics will need to be placed directly after the amplifier before the antenna switching. So I decided to build a pair of 1×4 switches used to connect the harmonic suppressing filters for 160,80,40 and 20m. I regret not making it 1×5 though, to have one position which bypasses the filters (15/10m), so I will need to use the 160m position for that until I fix another pair of ports.

The other idea is to make a few RX only notch filters. I will make one set of filters for each band and connect all in series except the filter used for the current frequency will be bypassed. That way I can have huge attenuation on the main signals and when also suppressing the harmonics the station should be very well protected against QRM between the bands.

There are also some pictures of how it looks at my land now when the forest machines have been on it. A lot more room now for the new 60m tower.

Tomorrow I am going down to the station to prepare for the CQWW CW contest. SM2XJP went down to SM3 land to pickup another MKV that I bought so now the setup will be 2xFT1000MP MKV which I am really excited about. SM2LIY is at the QTH trying to get the beverages ready for the contest which I will do as SOAB for the first time since WPX SSB last year. This is the first SOAB CW I do on CW for a long time, so hopefully I am not a total lid.

  1. “so hopefully I am not a total lid”

    Probably not more than we’re used to 😀

    GL with the preparations and have fun in the contest.
    CU there dude!

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