Components placed

Today I spent some time at work again. I felt like putting components to the in-band QSX system and now it is soon ready to be programmed and tested. I realized though that I had forgotten to put a driver chip for the external transfer relay which will be used to transfer the in-band radio to transmit with the run radios amplifier and antennas. However, it is an easy fix just putting a couple of FETs onto the transfer relay and use a couple of the AUX I/O I routed out to a header, in case I needed extra I/Os in the future.

Now I need to order some connectors and switches, so that I can finish up the maneuver boxes and start programming it. I will mount it in a 19″ rack box which will also contain the transfer relay and dummy load which will be used if the “wrong” radio transmits at the wrong time.

Stay tuned…

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