A shitty welcome

When me and Teemu (SM0W) arrived at SJ2W today after a nice weekend in Umeå at an SSA ham meeting and I got down into the basement I was met with 10cm of water on the floor with poop floating around. Luckily it was about 2cm from the granger amplifier so we arrived just in time. After a few hours of work from a clean up crew they did emtpy the crap-well. So now we will see how much I get from the insurance company but luckily no radio gear was damaged. However one room in the basement has got a wooden floor which is now ruined. This kind of sucks the motivation out of me and we will see how much money I will have left after this for antenna projects, might need to put all the plans on hold (aaargh!).

Anyway, I showed a video tour of SJ2W during this ham meeting and I have published it on youtube. Currently it is in Swedish but I have plans to make a dubbed version in English.


  1. Det är helt otroligt hur mycket ni har arbetat för att lyckas med denna underbara station! Kan inte mer än säga grymt bra gjort!

    Någon gång i livet skulle jag mer än gärna vilja komma förbi och få se denna underbara plats med mina egna ögon 😀