Cable trench

This weekend not that much was accomplished at the QTH. Me and the girlfriend arrived very late on Friday with 24m tower which 18m of that will be used for the WARC tower. SM2LIY and SE2T showed up on Saturday and while SM2LIY was burning the last branches from the forest work, SE2T and I spent our time in the cable trench. We managed to get about 2/3 of it done, so there is a bit more to do before its all filled up again. SE2T also helped me a bit in the barn, we carried a temporary work table which I can use to saw boards when its raining outside. SM2XJP showed up a few times as well and helped me a bit in the barn as well.

SM2XLL also showed up on Saturday evening for some coffee and cookies. A cold which had been surfacing for a week finally broke out so I’ve been feeling quite down from Saturday evening until now, hopefully it improves fast.

Next weekend is SAC CW, which we will operate as SJ2W. Ops will probably be SE2T, SM2LIY, SM2WMV and SM3JLA.

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