Control box for the amp conversion kit

I’ve been building a bit more on that conversion “kit” for making one of our manual tuned amps automatic (in this case, an 4-1000A amp). The idea is that you already have all meters etc on the amp, grid current, anode current etc. So this box is just a way to tune the amp manually but then save the settings and they get loaded automatically when the box is switched from LOCAL to REMOTE mode by sending commands over the openASC bus. The C1/C2 PAD is to switch in extra C in the Pi-filter. As a first step the openASC box will send the band information and when the amp should be tuned, but later I will make an similar box as the openASC which will show grid current, anode current etc in the shack as well.

I am quite pleased with how the box came out, except the REMOTE ending up too close to the hole.

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