Various stuff

I’ve done some work in the lathe while its been slow or too hot in my office. I did some transitions from 50mm tubing to 32mm tubing for the 3el 40m Yagi which is one of the current projects. I also milled some center insulators for SM0W @SK0UX who is converting the CUE DEE gamma matches to hairpin like I’ve done on all our beams. I also found some picture of the stub filter I did earlier for 10m and some welding I did for my brother when I was on vacation home at the old SM3 QTH (my parents place).

Next I need to get hold of some material to make the boom-to-element plates and the boom support strut, unfortunately the place I usually go and find scrap things from have vacation, so I need to find some other place.

I also did some bug searching in the openASC software and managed to get rid of one bug plus also add a new feature. I will start working on the rotator software too, so I can start converting my rotators to be controlled by the openASC device.

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