WARC beam finished

Last week I spent most of the time finishing up the WARC yagi. I made the side supports for the boom, attached the coaxes, made the RF-chokes and also mounted the winch so it can be hoisted. Hopefully weather allows us to put it up during this coming weekend. Left to do is to climb up with the lift rope and get the tram wire mounted. Then we will need to tune the beam and I will first try to get the 17m at the right frequency before I try to mess with 12m.

I will also need to build a switch that toggles between 12 and 17m since I only have one coax up the tower and I don’t really feel like wasting another one for WARC. I will use a switch to use the 15m 1 1/4″ coax going from the tower to the switch room for WARC as well. The plan is that when there is a coax going there for 80m that one will be used instead for WARC + 80m.

Now when thinking about it I should really have another coax running up to the WARC yagi since I would just need one switch and not two, plus I would not need to have it up the tower.

Keep tuned…

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