Antenna and house work

This weekend me and Hicco went down to SJ2W. We got quite a lot done even though the weather was shifting between sun, hail and snow. Later during the week (thankfully I was not there) it came down 15cm of snow (!). I am tired of the winter now and I want summer!

I bought and mounted a roof rack on the car so I was able to go into the village and get some wood for finishing up some details on the house. I also cut the wall panels on the front of the house so its straight and nice. I attached the planks to the house even though its not painted, so it will be needed to take loose (just four screws) to be painted when its warmer outside. The house also needs another coat of paint.

On Sunday I spent some time to assemble the 2el 40m yagi that I built most of the parts for last autumn. It is meant to be put up in the inband towers at 30m and is an own design.

This weekend I am going down again and we will see what projects the weather will allow me to do.

I also played with Hicco. Anna has been training with him a lot and I got quite impressed when I tried this…

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