Moskojärvi tower is up!

Awesome weekend, we finally completed the erection of the tower we took down from Moskojärvi a couple of years ago. So now, the tower which is one year younger than me is finally up at a new location and ready to receive some new antennas.

I arrived to SJ2W already on Thursday and got a ride there by SM0W who was on a work tour up in the north. And another guy I do like very much joined him, PY2ZXU/SM0CXU who was visiting his sister up in Piteå which is not far from where I work. On Thursday and Friday we got the last preparations done to be able to lift the tower and on Saturday the 48 tonne crane arrived and made it out to the field over the grass. Guys who helped out were SM2XLL, SM2UVU, SM2NOG, SM0CXU, SM0W, SM2LIY and SM2RMG.

SM2XJP is going on a trip tomorrow Thursday down to SM3WMU to pick up some 5G2.5mm2 cable for the rotation of the Mosko-tower and also some control cable, 2×20 0.65mm2. He will also stop by SM2DJK and get some 1/2″ cables and an amplifier.

This weekend the plans are to get the 7/8″ coaxes up the tower, so when we get some antennas up in the tower they are ready to be connected at once. Plan is to first build one 6el yagi for 15m, hoist it up and check that it performs according to specs. If so, we will build the other 4 antennas and hopefully get them hoisted at the same time. Plan is that we should have the 15m stack working before SAC SSB which is the second weekend in October.

So many pictures that I don’t have the energy to put text on them, sorry about that.

  1. Mike,
    Thank you for a nice session at your GREAT station!
    Nice to see all the progress, good luck with your new antennas.
    Until next, or CU in future contests.
    73, Thomas, SM0CXU, PY2ZXU, PW2D

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