Some winter pictures

I have been playing around getting rotators to be controlled by the openASC system. Right now I have installed it on two antennas (5el 15m, 5el 20m) and hopefully before the Christmas break is over I will have it installed also on the 60m tower and the 10m stack. I rotate it either with the openASC box or with the openASC Controller software which communicates with the box over ethernet and can be used remotely. By just selecting which antenna I wish to rotate and clicking in the map the rotation of the antenna(s) start.

openASC Controller run in Windows 7

openASC Controllerr run in Linux

Here are some winter pictures,


  1. Mike, the XYL and I are jealous of the SM Winter WX. Just like a winter should be!

    Here it’s 11°C, continuous strong wind and lots of rain rain rain for days (weeks) on end. YUK!

    73 / merry christmas!

  2. I am really happy we have so much snow this year, it makes christmas a lot more special. I hope you have a great time there with your wife and despite the boring weather and I think you will enjoy every penny spent on an amp for the 2nd radio!

    Merry XMAS!

    73 de Mike, SM2WMV (SJ2W)