ACOM 2000A sponsored!

As the followers of this blog know, we’ve been having lots of problems lately with the amplifiers at SJ2W. Lucky enough there are very kind people in this world and we have gotten a brand new ACOM 2000A sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB. We are extremely happy about this since the amplifier is very robust, fully automatic and will also be of great use for us when remote controlling the station.

Even though probably many think that the SJ2W station is a station built with a large budget that is not the case. Most of the stuff at the station are surplus gathered by different members and most of the money put into the station comes from my salary with a few exceptions from time to time, for example the last aluminum order. This means that such a contribution made by Ojojoj Music AB has got a great impact on us! Now I feel highly motivated again and lots of stuff is planned to be done before the snow comes. So stay tuned!

ACOM 2000A sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB


  1. Next time I work you guys the signal will be really booming in 😆 73, Bas

  2. Congrats Mike, wonderfull!! 😀