Building antennas

This weekend was spent building antennas and SM2LIY was here the whole time burning branches from the trees we’ve taken down to make room for more towers. On Saturday me and SM2XJP spent some time putting on the headlights for his car and I also put up the inner roof of the isolated room in the barn. Now I soon have a nice work place during the winter!

The center parts of the 40m elements are now finished, now I need to spend some time in the newly bought lathe at work and make the outer parts. SM2LIY and I also carried the boom out to where the beam will be assembled so hopefully this weekend I’ll get the elements on the boom and the boom strut mounted as well. Then let the strut hang for a week and tension it again so maybe we’ll get it up soon! The 10m beam will also need some work, finishing up the elements and mount the driven element parts.

SM2LIY stayed at the QTH and burned more branches from the forest work we did in the summer for the 40m tower, so now all that work is done. I plan to mark out next tower project which will maybe be started next year, and if some neighbor is going to have a forest company taking down trees for him, I’ll ask them to shovel the trees to make room for that tower as well, because that is so much work that I think we’d have work for the whole year otherwise. Bigger trees, closer located and bigger footprint.

I also wrestled a bit with the guy anchors I did make in the summer for the 18m tower. I felt they were heavy to handle myself and I was wondering if I was getting a cold or something but then I weighed them and they were 75kg each, so I guess that was the reason whey they felt heavy…they actually were heavy 🙂 Anyway, I managed to get them into position and added the guy rod so if I just manage to get an excavator this weekend it should be ready for some towers.

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