Plans for the weekend

Seems like we might get quite good weather this weekend. Right now SM2LIY is at the QTH and was burning branches during the afternoon. Apparently he’s gotten rid of most of it so I will try to prepare everything and see if the excavator guy has got time to come over a dig for a few hours. What is planned is to dig 4 holes for the 40m tower project and four holes for the 18m tower project. I will also ask him to dig down a tube between the barn and the house so I can put down a new cable for the electricity. I guess we will need to remove some logs as well.

Otherwise plans are to try to get some boards up in the roof of the isolated house in the barn. I didn’t get any done on it last weekend so we will see if I do something on it this weekend. SM2XJP will also come over and we will mount some head lights on his car.

I will try to continue the work on the beams. Need to finish up the 10m yagi and work on the 2nd 3el yagi for 40m. I have still not gotten the outer element parts done at work since I’ve been so busy, so I will try to get the guy lines on the elements and maybe get them mounted on the boom as well.

I will update during the weekend with some pictures of whats happening.

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