Tower weekend with the southern boys

This weekend SG3P, SM5EPO and SM3XIK from the mosquito land Öster Färnebo came up. I had told SG3P about a K-600 tower which was right across SM2HWG old QTH in Sikeå since SG3P wanted to add sections to his 38m K-600 tower to make it 64-68m or so. It was quite an adventure with various problems and a very special character that owned the tower. His 3 month old puppies were fun to play with even though SG3P was mainly focused on getting the tower down the rest of us couldn’t keep ourselves from playing with them.

The tower was 26m high and un-guyed, so we had to add some ropes to stop it from moving around too much. It was very windy on Sunday and we had problems getting the bolts loose so after a while we manufactured our own tool which was used to loosen up the bolts, but even then it was quite demanding physically. We only managed to get three sections down on Sunday so we had to go back on Monday and take down the rest, which went very smoothly after we started to figure out all minor issues slowing us down.

SM2LIY worked the first NAC 2m contest from SJ2W. He accidentally heard some guy on 2m FM so he connected his IC-7400 to the 2m vertical and managed to work 10 qsos, the longest qso was OH6QR. He also worked YO8ROO on 2m the day after on the same vertical on Sporadic E.

SM2NOG and I have planned a trip south next week to pick up some aluminum from SM0 and also pay a visit to SK0UX plus stay a day or more at SK3W. Maybe we will help out getting some tower sections up of the ones we just took down 🙂

  1. Great that you managed to get down the tower after som hard work! You are more than welcome @ SK0UX, tell me when you’ll be there because I don’t want to miss it :D. This weekend SM0W and I mounted a 7el yagi @ 10m mono that I worked 10m NAC today (thursday), went really good! I saw u in the SSA list but sadly I did’nt work you.

    73 de SA0AZT

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