A beautiful day

A beautiful day to do work outside. I arrived yesterday (Friday) and SM2XJP picked me up in Skellefteå and we headed to Elektroskandia to pick up some material I ordered. Some guy anchor rods for two towers, grounding rods and some 25mm2 copper wire. After that we headed to another shop and bought 60m of 10mm re-bar and some cement so make some concrete anchors for the small tower (plus a lot of extra re-bar). On Friday evening I spent some time welding together a mesh of re-bar for the anchor plates and on Saturday morning I poured the concrete into them and now they are curing.

On mid day SM2XJP came by and washed his car. While he was doing that I went out in the forest to clear more space for where the 40m tower will be placed. The stupid thing with new chainsaws are that they don’t use up a lot of petrol, which means less breaks to rest. After maybe 2 hours of cutting I got tired and spent an hour on the couch. A bit later SM2XJP came by again and we had some BBQ which made my fall a sleep later in the sofa, but in the evening I had gathered enough strength again to do a late shift. So I went out and started to assemble elements for the 12/17m duobander. However the mosquitoes ran me off and I went in to update the blog instead.

I’ll be back later with more pictures.


  1. Mike!
    It looks great! GL with the antenna work! 🙂

  2. Great job gys. Congrats!

  3. Great job vary good om
    a71cm73 😎