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Fun time at SK3W

Me and SM2NOG went on a 1800+ km trip during a few days. We intended to go down to SM0 with Gus (SG3P, owner of SK3W) to pickup some aluminum we ordered together (240kg to SJ2W) and also go by SK0UX to pickup some other stuff donated by SM0W and SM0DZB. We went down on Thursday mid day with a Volvo 244 and the plan was to swap cars at my parents place and use my dads newer VW Golf TDI but after 60km in the car the turbo quit on us, so we just hooked off the trailer and went back and the rest of the trip was done with the 30 year old trusty Volvo 244.

On the way down we had 4 pcs of K-600 tower sections which the SK3W gang didn’t get on their trailer during their visit a couple of weeks back. The trip went well and we arrived at SK3W around 0200. The plan to was head to SM0 early on Friday morning so we only got a couple of hours sleep before heading off again in SM3XIK’s V8 Jeep, which had an easier time with than trailer than the old Volvo. We picked up the 300kg of aluminum and went for lunch and after that we headed up to SK0UX, which is a superb hilltop QTH where SM0W and SM0CXU (PY2ZXU) met us and gave us the tour. Teemu (SM0W) also gave us some connectors and 80m of 1/2″ coax that I will use up to the 6el 10m Yagi which we will put in the 60m tower.

We also went by SM0DZB who gave us a tour of his country side vacation home where we also picked some fun stuff.

On Friday afternoon we headed back to SK3W and had a nice time with some BBQ and also spent Saturday there. I helped Gus a bit with some openASC problems which we managed to solve while SM2NOG, SM3XIK and SG3P did build some shelves for the aluminum Gus bought for SK3W.

Big thanks to the SK3W gang for the hospitality and to SM0W/SM0CXU for the tour of SK0UX.

Also huge thanks to SM2NOG who drove us down there 🙂

IARU HF Championship

SM2LIY suffered from very bad propagation’s this weekend but still claimed new SM record.

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SM2LIY
Station: SJ2W

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    66    0       4       24
   80:    64    0       8       27
   40:   560    0      24       34
   20:  1031    0      32       33
   15:   111    0      18       18
   10:    28    0       3        6
Total:  1860    0      89      142  Total Score = 1,397,550

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


Contest started with difficult conditions, weak signals, thunder QRM and hot
temperature in shack. 20m was the best band this time as expected.
15 was unusually bad and 10m only had openings in the SE direction via weak Es
on Sunday.
160/80 bands were OK into Europe but no openings into NA or far east.

SJ2W - Continents
All bands - CW
QSOs (with dupes)

|   EU   |   NA   |   SA   |   AF   |   AS   |   OC   |
|  76.4% |  10.4% |   1.2% |   0.6% |  11.1% |   0.3% |

Station performed very well, Mike has done a superb set-up for SO2R and was
nice to operate. I was a bit rusty in operating SO2R but it was getting better
every hour.
Station information

Thanks to Mike SM2WMV letting me operate this contest SOAB.

Next contest is EUHFC.

73 Per/SM2LIY

Tower weekend with the southern boys

This weekend SG3P, SM5EPO and SM3XIK from the mosquito land Öster Färnebo came up. I had told SG3P about a K-600 tower which was right across SM2HWG old QTH in Sikeå since SG3P wanted to add sections to his 38m K-600 tower to make it 64-68m or so. It was quite an adventure with various problems and a very special character that owned the tower. His 3 month old puppies were fun to play with even though SG3P was mainly focused on getting the tower down the rest of us couldn’t keep ourselves from playing with them.

The tower was 26m high and un-guyed, so we had to add some ropes to stop it from moving around too much. It was very windy on Sunday and we had problems getting the bolts loose so after a while we manufactured our own tool which was used to loosen up the bolts, but even then it was quite demanding physically. We only managed to get three sections down on Sunday so we had to go back on Monday and take down the rest, which went very smoothly after we started to figure out all minor issues slowing us down.

SM2LIY worked the first NAC 2m contest from SJ2W. He accidentally heard some guy on 2m FM so he connected his IC-7400 to the 2m vertical and managed to work 10 qsos, the longest qso was OH6QR. He also worked YO8ROO on 2m the day after on the same vertical on Sporadic E.

SM2NOG and I have planned a trip south next week to pick up some aluminum from SM0 and also pay a visit to SK0UX plus stay a day or more at SK3W. Maybe we will help out getting some tower sections up of the ones we just took down 🙂