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SJ2W in WPX SSB heard from DZ1B

LA6FJA made this recording of me during the WPX SSB when he was operating from DZ1B. However I was beaming USA with the big stack, not sure if I did use the 5el mono towards east.

TNX Rag!

SJ2W remote control demo

A bit low sound volume and shaky, but you get the idea 🙂

Aurora recording

Hello lads, not much going on except some programming right now. But I had a recording that I haven’t shared with you that SM3JLA made of me during the CQWW CW contest on 20m, which shows what facinating things the aurora can do. I think this is a lot more common on VHF than on HF and this is the first time I’ve ever heard it.

SJ2W strong in W9

I got this clip from my buddy Matt KB9UWU, when they were testing his friends new rig with a short wire on the floor. It was very good propagations yesterday, that is for sure!