Some various stuff

Yesterday I decided to remove the rotor of the big 60m tower. This is because it is currently not strong enough, it has got some cracked weld and also I found a big crack in the metal when I removed the gearbox. This is however rather easily fixed and I will add some more iron to it so that it gets more stiff and doesn’t flex so much.

When SM2XJP arrived I decided to climb the tower (I don’t climb it when I am here alone) to add the boom side support for the 20m yagi and tighten some stuff up on the 40m yagi. I also needed to attach the cables properly to the tower. I use duct tape every 50-100cm or so on cables running in the tower, to avoid them from bashing against it when its windy. When I arrived up to the top 20m yagi the boom support was missing its clamps, so I could not do that. However I finished up the coaxes and on the way down with help of SM2XJP on the ground we lowered the 20m temporary 3el yagi @20m and also the low 15m yagi which will be moved up to 17m when the top 15m yagi (27m) and low 20m yagi (23m) is in place.

I also have fixed the cables between the 7/8″ in the tower and the 7/8″ on the ground. I used 3 pcs of RG-217 for this with 7/16″ connectors. I also put the RG-17 for the 160m vert, 80m 4-SQ and 40m 4-SQ in the ground and routed them into the switching room together with the other coaxes.

Today it was rainy so I decided to build the verticals for the 40m 4-SQ. The tips were made out of an old ZX 15m monobander and I added some 31 and 35mm tubing to that plus put 12mm tips (tip of the ZX yagi was 15mm). This turned out great and hopefully I will be able to have them un-guyed since they stand rather well protected with forest all around.

Here are some pictures

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