Mainly house work

This weekend was mainly spent working on the house. Me and the girlfriend went around collecting material which I will need when starting the renovation of the house. On Thursday time was spent cleaning out a corner of the kitchen, moving the work table from the kitchen to the room where I sleep, to make room for the 2 story bed which was in the operating room downstairs. Since that room was damaged by water we will need to rip out the floor, and I don’t know when this will be restored so until it is people will need to sleep upstairs in the kitchen.

On Friday me, SM2XJP and SM2XLL went and bought the insulating material for the house. A total of 85 m2 70mm and 120mm thick was transported to the QTH and on Saturday me and my girlfriend picked up the wood which my neighbor sawed. We got the borrow his trailer too so it went very smoothly.

On Saturday evening when I was already in a bad mood I discovered that the tube transporting poo from the house to the well was plugged up, so everything we flushed in the house came up in the basement. I got very frustrated about this but after a few minutes I realized that I have lots of thick wire which can be used to try to get the plug removed. So I put a couple of clamps around a roll of tape and I pushed it in from the well side and I managed to get a lot of old stuff out from the tube and after about an hour I was finished and the tube is as clean as it can be. It seems like it is not angled the right way, so It will need to be redone but that will be some other summer. There are enough of non-radio related projects already this summer.

Also the powersupply (FP-29) for the FT1000MP MKV broke, so now we are without that radio for WPX CW (FT1000D also broken). I might need to put a new radio on the wish list for Santa along with a new amplifier.

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