An amp project started

We got hold of a couple of 4CX1500B monoband amps and I decided to build a 2x4CX1500B amp out of these. The idea is to make it preset tuned with option to make it fully auto tune in the future. Everything will be controlled with an controller which can be located in the shack, in the same kind of box as the openASC system.

So far I’ve started with the sheet metal work and the next thing to do is to make a top and bottom floor of the whole compartment, so that the heater transformers and other electronics can be on the bottom floor while the PI-tank will be on the top floor. The L will be switched with V1V relays while the capacitors will be two vacuum capacitors with padding caps (switched with V1V) controlled by the two stepper motors.

Thanks to SM3BDZ for the C1 variable vacuum capacitor (3kV, 1000pF)!

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