6/6el stack finished for 15m

Now another antenna system is completed at SJ2W. This weekend with help from SM2XLL, SM2XJP, SM3JLA and myself (SM2WMV) we got the 15m yagi up in the air. Its funny now that a 6el yagi for 15m feels like a tiny antenna, while a few years ago it was a monster.

The upcoming weekend I will climb up with the cable for the stack and also the newly built L-match (further down in the post) so we can test it out.

GF Anna took the pictures (except the halo pictures, taken by SM3JLA).

I also did some work this week in the lab at the university. I did build a couple of power meters and calibrated them. I also build the L-match for the 15m stack and I managed to get VSWR of 1.006 so I think its close enough to a perfect match 😉

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