6/6/6el stack complete

This weekend SM2XLL and me spent time working on the 20m yagi getting it put together. On Monday morning SM2XJP arrived and helped me to lift the beam up at 23m. So now we have the 6/6/6el stack for 20m complete. Tomorrow I will do some climbing putting up the side support for the boom and also connect the coaxes to the 3 antenna stackbox. This stackbox is built so that it is possible to take different yagis 180 degrees out of phase, to steer the vertical lobe. This will be very interesting to test and according to simulations from 6.5 degrees (max gain, all in phase) to up to 26 degrees or so, we will not have more than 3dB drop in any angle if we switch the phase box with 4 different combinations.

The antennas are stacked at 55/39/23m

Here are some pictures of the complete system,

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