40m yagi progress

In the end of the weekend SM3SGP arrived up from SM0 area to help out with the 40m yagi work. Since its a bit tricky to get the 40m yagi up in the top of the tower, especially since the 20m yagi is hoisted he will build the yagi up in the tower. He has done this before at his Contest station SK3W with good result. The idea is to first lift the boom up, then the director, reflector, tilt it up and at last hoist the driven element up and mount it to the boom.

But first we needed to level everything out and hoist the beam for some tuning. We had a pretty good result at the first hoist but we did some minor changes and got it to resonate with a 1.2:1 VSWR where we wanted it. However since the beam was probably still affected by the ground we might need to do some fine tuning in the tower when the beam is in place.

Now we are waiting for some calmer weather so that we can start the process of building the yagi in the tower, right now its too windy.

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