40m yagi construction

The current big project at the station is to get the 3el fullsize 40m yagi up at around 60m in the big tower. This will be done during the week with help from SM3SGP. Since its hard to hoist one of these and clear the guy lines we will build the beam up in the tower. So first we hoist the boom, then the reflector/director and last the driven element. SM3SGP has done this before at his QTH (SK3W) with success.

I made a brief trip to the work QTH where I during a few hours made 6 pcs of boom to mast plates, 4 pcs of driven element plates and a lot of isolators for the two 15m yagis and the last 20m yagi. So now I have pretty much all pieces to get all antennas in the 60m tower completed except the 2nd 40m yagi, which will probably be done next summer because of some material shortage.

Here are some pictures,

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