Last towers at old QTH down

This weekend me and SM2XJP took his car with a big trailer down to SM3. We arrived on Friday at around 16:30 and we rather quickly went up to the hilltop where we did remove the 4el monobander for 20m, which was still in the tower at 18m. It all went very smoothly and after a while we had the antenna on the ground and went down to eat. After dinner we left to SM3WMU where we picked up some 7/8″ cable, connectors and a 5el monobander for 20m plus some other junk he has collected for me.

On Saturday morning we went up the hill again and SM3JLA joined us as well. We hoisted down the last tower with the gin-pole I built last year to erect the 160m vertical and after a few hours the tower was down, it all went very smoothly. However since the antennas are located on a hilltop, about 40m drop down to the road we had to carry everything through the woods, which was a painful job. The tower sections were the easiest to get down though, since SM2XJP came up with the idea of just dragging them which worked well. The tower bottom plate, the iron pipes and antennas were worse to carry but after a whole days of work everything was down beside the road.

SM3WMU showed up and helped us load the stuff up on the trailer and after that we had some birthday cake (2 days too late for me) and coffee. Me and SM2XJP, the designated driver for the weekend went up again to SJ2W and on the way up we saw a one year old moose, that SM2XJP managed to trick out of the bushes by making moose sounds, so we got a nice look at it before it felt our sent and ran into the woods again.

Big thanks to SM2XJP, SM3JLA and SM3WMU for helping to take everything down.

There is some info about that old QTH at

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