Outside work at SJ2W

This weekend I went down to SJ2W pretty early on Friday. SM2XLL who was going out to his mobile home gave me a ride out to the QTH. On Saturday SA2AWO, SA2YLM, SA2AXJ showed up as well and together with SM2XJP and SM2XLL we erected the broken 80m vertical again. It all went very smoothly and I did work in the Baltic contest with a decent result. I also hooked it up to the openASC system so now I can switch the directions with that box and it worked very well.

On Saturday evening I spent time sorting out some guy wires I had lying around and also prepared the 7/8″ coaxes to be put up in the 60m tower. On Saturday evening I got a mail from SE2T who asked if I needed any help on Sunday and I said yes so he came up and helped us to pull the 7/8″ cables up inside the tower. So now the tower is equipped with 2 pcs of 7/8″ cables up to about 37m in the tower, where a box containing the phasing hardware for the stacks will sit.

Next weekend if weather permits, I and SM2XJP will head down to the old SM3 QTH to take down a 18m high tower I have there and also some yagis and tower sections I got lying around.

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