Phase box progress

I was gonna mount the 20m phase box for making it possible to change the vertical lobe of the 20m stack, at the radio QTH but I decided to bring the box to the work QTH instead and fix it there. I want to spend my time at the radio QTH doing other things which cannot be done up here. So today I removed one of the V2V relays from the phase box, since it wasn’t used anymore. I have decided not to make it possible to switch top 2, bottom 2 etc and instead always run all three antennas but phase shift them instead, that way it will be possible to have them phased in four different ways, where three of the angles seem to be useful.

The cabinet is an old one which I did renovate during the winter, I think the result of the box came out pretty nice considering which shape it was in before. I did construct some angle brackets which mounts the phase box to a wooden shelf mounted to the back of the cabinet.

I also tested the 2nd openASC box, so now I have two completed boxes with a third one almost complete. I tested it a bit with 7 driver modules attached as well and it works just fine so soon it is time to install it at the radio station. I think I will start putting out the RG-58 for the bus during the weekend, since I got hold of 200m brand new for free.

Here are some pictures

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