openASC software progress

Now when the winter season has started there is more time to do work on the electronics which will be installed at the station. A system I have been working on is my openASC system which stands for open source Antenna System Controller. It will be used to control the whole station and enables us to have extreme flexibility from each operating positions, to have access to all different antennas and rotators. It also gives us the possibility to control everything over the Internet.

I have ordered parts to build the complete system and while waiting for that I have been working a bit on the configuration software which is cross-platform Linux/Windows. It is written in C++ with QT4 as graphical platform. I first wrote the software in Java but got tired of it and decided to rewrite the whole thing in C++, which also made me rethink some of the ways I had implemented stuff.

When starting the openASC box and pressing a certain button it enters setup mode. Now we can connect to it from the configuration software and change all the different settings in the box. Some examples are shown in the screen shots below. Enjoy!

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