Finally an update!

I have been lazy updating the website lately, sorry for that. I have been very busy with a lot of different things and not much interesting stuff has happened down at SJ2W. I had planned to work SOAB in CQWW SSB but after messing with the WIFI-link during whole Friday I felt exhausted and ran extremely low on motivation so I spent the weekend doing other stuff instead. We have however gotten the WIFI-link to work UFB now, I have 97/97 MBit at SJ2W and the ping from the work QTH down to SJ2W is 4ms (!).

SM2NOG came by and we put up a rotatable dipole that I got a few years ago from SM2XLL. We figured that antenna would be a lot better at 30m height than the current vertical we have been using for inband. I did listen a bit and could get very close to our CQ frequency and still be able to hear people well on 20-10m. It does not work at all on the lowbands, so I will need to hook up the switch and the other vertical for that.

SM2EKM needed some climbing help at his QTH so I brought with me the climbing gear up north to the work QTH and since I was staying in Luleå a weekend (for the first time since early summer) I went to him and we put up a new 9el for 6m that he built (YU7EF design). It was icy and cold but it went very well and we were finished well before sunset.

WB4RFQ also came to visit. It was very fun because he emailed me and told me since he worked for Facebook he would come and visit Luleå for work. He wanted to get a tour of the station and I made him aware of SJ2W being 180km from Luleå (where I work) but he did not mind. I also asked him if he was allergic to dogs since I would have Hicco down at SJ2W for the weekend since Anna was traveling, but he did not mind. He came and we went for pizza, I gave him the tour and he told me some of the plans they have for a Club station in San Fransisco.

I have also worked some on a few electronic projects and I hope that I will get time during the XMAS break to start building on the QBL amplifier again.

Plans for CQWW CW will be that I will do SOSB 20m unassisted with SO2R inband setup and SM2LIY will do SOSB 15m assisted I believe. So make sure to work SJ2W and SM2M during CQWW CW!


  1. Lycka till Mike o Peter, men då får ni oxo lyssna efter oss, vi kör M? med PX2A eller PW2D. Vårt gäng har temat med Alto da Serra Group, har varit där och fixat åt dom.
    73, c/zXU

  2. Thanks for the contact on 20 mertes. You were a bit weak for me in Big Lake, MN, but then I was running a G5RV. I have a 40 meter dipole up and would like to replace the G5RV with something a bit better. I am currently limited to two antennas due to my remote operation over the internet. (My radio has two antenna inputs.) One of the contacts I made was with someone using a Windom. Perhaps a Windom or OCFD for 80 mertes would be better? KE4KE