Last weekend we had invited some of the “new guys” who haven’t been doing ham radio for a long time. For some of them this was the first contest and it seems like they had a lot of fun. It was fun to see the excitement of SA2CLC who just lives ~2km from SJ2W after his first run shift in the chair. We did a small M/M with two radios and most of the time was operated by the new guys even though me and SM2LIY did some short shift. The participants were SA2CLC, SA2BLV, SA2TMS, SA2KNG and me + SM2LIY were the “teachers” this time. Hopefully they were excited enough that they want to do more contests even though propagation’s were absolutely awful this SAC SSB, but they didn’t seem to mind.

I had problems last weekend when leaving to go up to the work QTH again, that the sewer had plugged up. So I borrowed some equipment from a friend and got it loose after a few hours of work. I had SM2LIY as help and we managed to get it so that the water coming out of the sewer pipes were clear so most of the crap seemed to have been gone. I really need to fix this permanently some day.

After the SAC SSB contest I climbed the 60m tower and attached some WIFI-bridges that will be used to get a better internet connection to SJ2W and it will also deliver internet to my neighbor + SM2XJP. I attached it with three M8 screws each, it was a new experience to drill and tap holes at 52m height 🙂

I have also done some work on the new antenna switches. I will start selling complete switches this winter and right now I am working on getting them easy to produce and I will also launch a web shop. However I will keep on selling the boards as well, so people can build it themselves if they wish.

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