Inband tower is up!

This weekend was a great weekend. First off I managed to get the inband tower ready to be put up on Friday and Saturday evening by pulling a few more cables through it and carrying out all hardware so it would be fast and easy when the crane arrived. On Saturday SM3DMP, SM3CER, SM3BDZ, SM3PXO and SM3PXO son SA3BXA arrived. They had been talking about visiting for years but now they did so and we had a real blast. It was fun to listen to all stories about how they started out in the hobby etc. SM3PXO, SM3DMP, SA3BXA also helped out with putting up the tower when GTL-Tobbe came by with the crane on Saturday afternoon. It went rather smoothly and the tower was up quickly. It turned out great and hopefully when I get the worm drive attached to the bottom I can try to see it rotates well as well.

SM3PXO, SM3BDZ also gave me a couple of tubes. One that is a spare for an amp and one that will be used in the QBL amplifier and SM3DMP + SM3CER brought me a bunch of lottery tickets but unfortunately I did not get rich this time but it was a great gesture 🙂

SM3BDZ and SM3PXO were the brains and muscles behind a M/M station that was quite active in the late 90s and early 2000, SL3ZV/SK3JR (Also SL3A/SK3A). Unfortunately not enough people were involved in the station and when the rent got too high at the place they had to take down all equipment and leave for another QTH but with plans of a much smaller station, a more normal size club station.

The list of visiting hams this year is becoming very long, very fun!

Now I will try to put down a lot of effort in getting some antennas up in that inband tower too, so we might be able to use it during the contest season. But it is very unsure since winter might strike any time since it is almost October.

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