Inband tower ready to be hoisted!

I arrived at SJ2W on Friday mid day and started with settings up the station for SM2LIY who arrived a bit later, since he was going to run the SAC CW contest. It all went very smoothly, the station is extremely easy to setup for contests now. Only thing that is missing is one or two more amplifiers so I don’t need to borrow for contests. The 5el for 15m has got some issue, I believe its probably the coax since I discovered a damage on one of the pieces of 7/8″. But I figured that SM2LIY could probably manage with the other 42 elements on that band 🙂

I spent most of the weekend preparing the last stuff on the inband tower so it could be lifted next weekend. I fixed the guy wires, added two cables I got from SM2EKM, attached the guy wire ring and the small 1.8m long top section. Now the tower is ready to be lifted and hopefully it will be done on Saturday. I will try to add another coax for an 80m dipole and also a power cable for the 868 MHz link that will be used to control the inband location.

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