Inband progress, fun story

This was a fun weekend. Me and Hicco went down to SJ2W already on Thursday evening since I had worked a few hours extra during the week. Tobbe from GTL was going to come on Friday morning and dig holes for me for the inband tower project. He showed up and after a few hours of struggling with rocks we were done.

On Saturday I built the forms and got most of them installed. SA2CHQ also came by to help out a bit which was nice. I spent Sunday welding a re-bar cage to go into the form and got a fixture done for the threaded rods that were going to be used to fix the tower base to the concrete. After I was done with getting the re-bar cage into place I went by my neighbor and sat talking with him for a while when SM2XLL sent me a text asking if he could come for a visit. While he was driving towards SJ2W (40km) I decided to go to the store to buy something when I stopped by at GTL garage since I saw the gate being open. When I stepped in Tobbe (who did the digging on Friday) asked me if I was ready for concrete. The funny thing was that there were also another guy in the garage (Roland) who is the guy who drives the concrete truck. So he said it was just as well to get it done now and not wait until next weekend. So just like that under an hour from driving there until being back at the garage we had poured the concrete, vibrated it and cleaned everything, on a Sunday evening at like 19:30!

The GTL guys are awesome 🙂

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