QBL progress

This weekend I spent a few hours on Saturday getting some issues I’ve had with my Station interface project with the sound paths to the sound CODEC chips. Luckily I could solve the problems and could spend some time programming again, getting closer and closer of getting something which might be useful. However quite a lot of small mistakes made so I will need to do a hardware revision. Not only because of mistakes though but also because I’ve realized I want a few more functions.

Sunday I went to work to do some regular work (that I get paid for) but after that I didn’t really feel like going home so I stayed and thought I’d build a bit on a kit I bought some time back from http://www.communication-concepts.com/. I bought it to be used as a preamp, so we could be able to get decent output of the 4-1000A amp with 100W rigs (after BPFs etc less than 100W) but since we kind of scrapped the 4-1000A amp and is using the HV transformer in the QBL project instead I don’t really have much use for the amplifier, but why not build it anyway just for fun.

Today Tuesday I got bored sitting at home after work so I went back and continued work on the QBL tube socket and I also cut a hole for the socket in the center plate in the amp. I had some teflon lying around that I used to mill some isolator and I am quite happy with the result. Now I need to figure out a chimney. I also had a friend help me to design some gears for the stepper motor potentiometer (feedback) that I’ll get 3D printed. When I have those parts I can continue to design the holders for C1, C2 and the L with the stepper motors.

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