Basement work

Since the water damage we had in the basement a couple of years ago the operators have slept in the kitchen, which is far from optimal both from my point of having beds in the kitchen, but also from the operators view of getting sleep during SSB contests. So now I am working in the basement to get the operators their room back and also for me to have a little office space when I try to do my regular job stuff from SJ2W.

I am putting down floor heating even though it won’t be connected in the near future, but at least I have the option in the future if changing the house heating system to a water based system instead of direct electric heating.

Hopefully we’ll get some people together in the near future so we can do the big concrete pour (mixing ourselves).

By the way, very important news! I got a new coffee maker for SJ2W so now nothing will be able to stop us 😉

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