More control system progress

Today I spent another 6 hours in the lab at work. I am now almost finished with all the electronics for the amplifier control. What is left to do is to add the attenuation for the power meter, fix cables between the PTT input and the control board plus some mechanical job. I need to make the plates that holds the stepper motors and I might make them out of thicker aluminum so that I can make a hole for the variable resistors which makes it impossible for them to turn around if the nut happen to get loose (from vibration or something). That way the positioning can not be totally off or fail (except if the pot gets bad but that is detectable). I will also need to spend some time in the lathe making knobs for the back of the stepper motors for manual tuning.

It feels good, now I need to clean my desk at work so I have some room to put the stuff up so I can write the firmware for it. Later I will extend the system by measuring grid current, anode voltage, anode current etc. The amplifier has got built in grid protection so I don’t need to worry about that.

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