More electronics

I’ve been a busy boy and built a USB-dongle for the openASC bus. This dongle can be used to communicate straight out to the bus. I had a previous version of this that needed external 12v to be able to transmit, but I made a new version with improved bus filtering but the main new feature is a step up converted which makes 9v out of the 5v that the USB port supplies. That way it can operate on its own without an external DC supply.

I also did more work on the amplifier project. I mounted 2 pcs of small relay boards which will be used to switch the input filtering plus also the relays that switch the output PI-network of the amplifier. I found this to be the easiest way to solve the issue of switching 12/24v relays since the amplifier control board had ULN2003A drivers to drive these small 12v relays. I also soldered lots of cables, so now the control panel is hooked up to the micro controller and soon its time to actually start writing the code, not that much too do on the electronics. I need to add another relay board to be used to switch ON/OFF the amplifier, toggle HV etc. plus I will need to hook up the potentiometers used to position the capacitors of the PI-tank to the control board.

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