Top section finished and SK2AU 80m vertical

This weekend we had plans to maybe get the 18m tower erected. But unfortunately the neighbor hadn’t the tractor at home so he was not able to remove the logs. I doubt we would have had time to get it up anyway, but now we are at least closer to the goal. I finished up the top section and me and SM2XLL carried it out to where it will be hoisted from. We also leveled out the base plate. On Sunday SM2XJP and I did mount the guy wire attachments on the top section and I managed to find the wires needed to put up the tower, so hopefully we can do it the weekend after CQWW DX SSB.

I did also code a lot of openASC. The latest revisions which haven’t been tested at the station yet contained some bugs which I were not able to find, so I went back to a known good revision and fixed the problems I found trying to fix the latest revision. Now I will need to add functionality and test it at the station.

On Sunday me and SM2XJP also built the 80m vertical for SK2AU. They had an CUE DEE vertical earlier which they lost some winters ago, so I ordered aluminum to repair it (the bottom 15m). It just took a couple of hours to do it, guess we are getting used to make pipes fit nowadays 🙂 So hopefully they can now get it up before the winter at the club house.

I also built some stubs today for 20 and 40m which will be used for radio 3/4 at the station. I will add more stubs in the future but radio 3 will be operational on 20/40 as a mult station during CQWW this weekend, hence I did put priority on those two bands. We will be operating in the M/S category, so look for us! If you record the contest and work us, then please send the recordings to us, we really would appreciate that.

Known operators right now, will be SE2T, SM2LIY, SM2WMV and SM3JLA.

  1. Always enjoy your hardware photos. Hope to meet you and the SJ2W team this weekend in the CQWW. 73, Bas

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