Visit to Radio arkala OH8X

I have been looking for a new radio and decided to go with the FT1000MP MKV. Since I knew that OH8X had upgraded their radios to FT5000, and that they are probably fully equipped with all filters needed I contacted OH2UA and he thought they had a couple available. So I emailed Vejo, OH6KN about it and he after some talking with OH8NC decided they could sell me one of their radios. So me and SM2XJP took the 450km drive (one way) to arkala to pick up the radio yesterday and also get a tour of the station. We showed up when it was bright outside, so we could see all antennas. When I saw the big M7 monster I was really amazed of its size. I’ve seen many pictures but nothing beats watching it in person.

Veijo also gave a tour of the insides of Arkala which was a lot of fun and gave me some new ideas of how to do things at SJ2W. Veijo was a great host and we will go back and see things in the summer, when its possible to walk around and inspect the things done outside more.

I have tested the radio a bit and I like it very much, so now the FT1000D has been moved to be used as the 2nd radio in SO2R operations and mult radio in M/S.

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