Inband progress

Lots of work has been done the last two weeks. Most of it is something that has got to do with the inband tower. We have cut down trees for this and also I’ve welded on cross braces for the tower. I got a tip from SA2FDR and SA2KNG who came by to help me out to get flux core wire for the MIG welder and use that to weld them. It worked great, I am now a bit fan of flux core MIG welding compared to using the stick welder for this type of stuff. I calculated it to about 1000 welds to get it all done so I am happy I did not need to use the stick welder. The slag of the flux core is a lot easier to remove as well, I just used the drill with a metal brush attachment. SM2LIY spent a few days at the station too and helped me out mainly when we did forest work and he did also run a bunch of QSOs in the very lousy propagation’s in the WAE contest. SM2UVU spent a bunch of hours too at the station this weekend were we got a lot of stuff done, both on the inband tower and the WARC beam.

I have gotten a lot of help and visitors this summer which is fun. If I remember correctly SA2CHQ, SA2CLC, SA2BRJ, SA2BLV, SA2KNG, SA2FDR, SM2UVU, SM2LIY, SM2XJP, SM2NOG, SE2T, SM2JDU, SM2XLL, SM5EPO, SM3JBO, SM3SGP has shown up. Forgive me if I have forgotten anybody.

Now I am hoping to get the excavator to dig some holes this weekend so I can prepare to fill some concrete.

Stay tuned…

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