The antenna factory

Lots has happened since the last update but I have been too busy to update the website, sorry for that. It’s been a lot of work and planning @SJ2W plus also my regular job and some private work on the side to bring in more money so I can build even bigger. Why? It’s fun!

Last week was spent at the station and a lot of progress was made. We got one beam assembled, tuned and hoisted into place. It resonates a bit too low (21150kHz instead of 21270kHz) and I blame the tram wire for the false reading. I’d like to get a tram wire with a non conductive material instead. Anyway, I figured that the beam will need to be lowered next year or the year after when I have plans to put up a 3el for 80m in top of the tower. So I will document how we tuned the other beams and when we bring this beam down we re-tune it to match the other four. We will tune the next beam pulling it straight up the tower, simulating the real position a lot better. We can get them to about 10-12m above ground which should be sufficient, I’ve seen before that after about 1/2 wl the difference seem to be insignificant.

We also managed to get all other elements made for the other four beams and SM2UVU arrived and helped me build booms when SM2LIY was working SAC CW SOAB HP. On Monday before I went back to the work QTH we carried the beams down to where the final assembly and hoisting will be done and I brought up some plates to be drilled here at work where there is better equipment.

I am starting to feel the effects of working intensively for a period of time so I really hope we can get the 15m stack completed in the next two coming weekends. I am starting to doubt to be active in SAC SSB even thought it would be fun the goal is CQWW SSB. but we will see how it goes.

Doing the Gentry @53m

  1. Interesting antenna works. Extremley nice Boom/Tower plates!
    Hope to work you on all bands on SAC SSB, will probably be PY2ZXU and PW2D if I can manage to get the call issued in time.
    73, SM0CXU/PY2ZXU/PW2D

  2. Thomas, yes there must have been some real pro grinding those edges! He was actually very happy with that because with sharper edges the paint doesn’t stick as well! Good job! 🙂

  3. SJ2W First time to hear you yesterday (11 Oct on 14.281) Then went to your web pages.. Wonderful interesting Thanks for your hard work to become the station that SJ2W is today. Also very interested to find out your location as I had a very good friend SM2GZY Kjell now a silent key who lived not so far from your station (Skellefteå) In 1992 spent a super visit and love your area of the world. 73’s from Tacoma WA near Seattle
    Erick K7APO

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