Various tasks

Here is an update from the last two weeks at SJ2W. I’ve done some various work and pretty much gotten the room downstairs for the operators to sleep in. I also made a major cleaning of the kitchen and added a new kitchen table I got donated from a friend. Next is to clean the room where I sleep and move the desk I have there downstairs so I can get my office down there and maybe get some order in my bedroom as well. Right now it’s just a big pile of stuff in there.

I also got new electricity into the barn so now I have a 3-phase outlet there and all electricity in the barn will be routed to the new fuse box instead.

A welding cart was started to be fabricated because I am very tired of needing to carry all stuff out every time I need to weld. The welder isn’t heavy but now I will make a cart with shelves etc where I keep all welding equipment so its all in one place and easily moveable.

SM2XJP also mounted a hitch on his car, so now it will be easier when we need to transport things and not needing to borrow a car with a hitch. I can’t understand in the beginning why cars are being sold without them 🙂 Don’t everybody need to move a tower from time to time?

I have also re-routed my plans a bit for this summer. Now the focus will be trying to get the Moskojärvi 60m tower up this summer and get the 30el 15m stack operating so I am trying to sort all things out regarding this.

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