Harvester making room for the 60m tower

Except working the CQWW DX SSB contest I marked out the spot where the new 60m tower will be placed. The plan was to make quite wide room for the guy wires so that no trees would be able to fall over them. But when we started marking out the paths supposed to be cut we realized that not much would be left, so instead we just took all of it around the footprint of the 60m tower. That also makes us get a big room where we can lift towers from. If we would have done this by hand I think we would have been working for a LONG time, now this machine does it 2-3 days and I might even have some money leftover after the trees have been sold to the forest company. It hurts a bit though to do this, but i think it will look nice when the tower is in place and all branches has been removed.

I got to ride with him in the harvester too which was really cool, what a piece of machinery! Just amazing how efficient it is even though this is a quite small one it does a great job! I think I spent a couple of hours with him in that machine.

SM2NOG also came over with the 40m military tower with help from his brother. So now that tower is also in place. I saw some welding need to be done on a minor broken part of it but otherwise it looks great and ready to be put up. So now we just need to wait for the spring so we can continue this project.

And Zoli, I’m sorry but the trees had to go 🙁

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