More pictures from CQWW DX CW 2010

Here are some more pictures taken by SM2WMV, so they are not as good quality as the ones from SM3JLA but they still tell the story.

The setup in the contest was,
FT2K + 4-1000A amp on 80m with the 4-SQ + beverages
FT1K + 4CX1500B amp on 40-10m
TS850 + ACOM 1000 on 160,40,20,15,10m
TS930 hooked up to the RX output of the FT1K for in-band listening

160m: 39m high vertical
80m: 4-SQ
40m: 3el @60m + vertical
20m: 6/6/6el + 4el @EU
15m: 6/6el + 5el
10m: 6/6el

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