Almost ready for CQWW

I will operate this CQWW DX SSB contest as SOAB for the first time at this new QTH. I haven’t done SO2R on SSB for several years so it will be interested to see how rusty I am. I have borrowed an SB220 from SM2EKM which will be used for the 2nd radio and probably for running on 80m. I don’t have 160m on that one so I will need to QSX sometimes with the FT1K on 160 to get some mults. However we are not allowed to be over 1850, which is a big limitation so to get mults on 160 I will need to CQ a lot, so I will probably end up with more qsos on 160 than on 80m.

It will be very interesting to see how well it goes against the hard OH competition. There are two SOAB on OH0 (OH0Z = OH6UM and OH0B = OH2UA) plus both OH4A and OH8X who I think is in the same category if not assisted.

Only real worry is that I have been having trouble with the neck, shoulders and back lately but I am trying to stretch it out and hopefully survive the contest. I have prepared for this since last year so something special will be needed to knock me out of this one!

Only thing left to do is that I am trying to put up a 2el inv vee yagi towards Europe for 40m as a complement to the 3el and vert. Hope to work you in the contest!

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